Clinical Practice Guidelines

Management of Patients with a Short Bowel

Biritish Society of Gastroenterology

These guidelines aim to help clinicians manage patients who have had an intestinal resection that leaves a short length (about 2 m or less) of small bowel remaining. The preliminary guidelines were compiled from the literature and a first document was drafted by Dr J Nightingale and modified by members of the Small Bowel and Nutrition Committee under the chairmanship of Dr B Jones. A section on 'intestinal transplantation' was written by Dr Woodward and added with the approval of the Small Bowel and Nutrition Committee. The resulting document was shown to clinicians at the intestinal units of Hope and St Mark's Hospitals. Professor A Forbes made recommendations, which have been incorporated. The article was reviewed by the patient organisation PINNT (patients on intravenous or nasogastric nutritional therapy) and modifications made to result in the current document. The guidelines conform to the North of England evidence based guidelines development project. The grading of each recommendation is dependent on the category of evidence supporting it.

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