Patients’ Page

Welcome to the patients’ page of the SouthernGastroGroup. We have listed below a number of websites and organisations that provide information, and in some cases direct patient support, for a range of gastrointestinal conditions. We hope you will find these sites useful. This page will be updated from time to time with new contact details or recommended reading.

If you are interested in a private consultation with one of the gastroenterologists in the SouthernGastroGroup, please ask your General Practitioner to request a referral, the members of the group and their contact details are given on the Who We Are page. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer advice on individual cases by email or telephone.

General advice
NHS Direct is a department of health website that offers very limited information on a range of diseases including cancer. A 24 hour helpline staffed by NHS Direct nurses, provides advice on health complaints (0845 4647).

General gastroenterology and hepatology
AGA (American Gastroenterology Association) Patient Centre. The AGA is a respected US professional medical society with an international membership. The patients’ page on the website provides information on a range of common disorders including causes and treatments. The site is well designed and informative although the treatment recommendations may differ slightly from practice in the UK.

CORE is an established UK charity providing information for sufferers of gastrointestinal and liver disorders. The excellent website includes freely accessible information sheets covering a wide range of related conditions and complaints.

Organisations involved in specific conditions

Barrett’s Oesophagus
Barretts Oesophagus Foundation is dedicated to providing information and support groups for patients with Barrett’s oesophagus. The web site provides information on many aspects of the condition.

Colorectal cancer
Bowel Cancer UK is a comprehensive site providing up to date information on all aspects of colorectal cancer. The organisation is a charity working to support “information, education, campaigning and awareness” of bowel cancer. In addition to the website a professionally staffed advisory service is available (Bowel Cancer Advisory Service 08708 50 60 50).

Beating bowel cancer is a UK organisation involved in increasing awareness of the condition and campaigning on behalf of patients. It’s user friendly website providing information on colorectal cancer.

Cancer Help is a comprehensive patient orientated website produced by Cancer UK, a large charitable organisation. Cancer Help provides information on a range cancer diseases including from patients with the conditions.

Coeliac disease
CoeliacUK is a large patient organisation for suffers of coeliac disease. It provides web based information, information packs and leaflets, and in addition there is a telephone helpline to support patients with this diagnosis.

Stoma support
The colostomy association provides information and support to patients with colostomies and their families. The patient group runs a 24 hours support line manned by volunteers for patients and their families.

Ileostomy Association provides support for patients with an ileostomy through local groups and events, and a comprehensive website

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis
NACC (National association for Colitis and Crohn's disease) is a well established patient based organisation that provides information, organises local support groups and funds research on inflammatory bowel disease. The NACC also provides a volunteer staffed telephone support line for emotional help and support (but not medical advice) for IBD sufferers and their families.

CICRA (Crohn's in Childhood Research Association) is a national patient organisation dedicated to helping children with inflammatory bowel disease and their families. The website provides information on childhood IBD for both parents and children, and details on joining.

Hypnotherapy and counselling
British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) is a national, independent charitable organisation promoting counselling and psychotherapy in the UK. The BACP website provides information on many aspects of this treatment with contact details included.

Irritable bowel syndrome
The IBS network is a national patient support and information organisation with local groups around the country. Its excellent website provides members a structured patient self-management programme for IBS and the website includes relevant information and contact details.

Liver Disease
British Liver Trust is an established organisation providing a comprehensive website on many aspects of liver disease and details of current campaigns. There are links to a support groups for a range of liver diseases.

THE PBC Foundation is a charity providing information on the condition Primary Biliary Cirrhosis through a user friendly website and details of nationwide support groups. A volunteer manned telephone helpline is provided.

Note: We have tried our hardest to ensure that the listed organisations are live on the web and provide reliable information, however the SouthernGastroGroup cannot accept any responsibility for these organisations or the information they provide.

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