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Our Practice

What is our philosophy of care?
We aim to provide the best possible medical care based on current clinical practice and our patients needs and well-being. Our individual practice reflects personal clinical expertise, with a keen awareness of evolving medical practice and new developments.
We aim for an individualised patient centred approach with full discussion of diagnosis and management options.

What is our approach to patient safety and professional standards of care?
We practice an open and critical approach to all aspects of medical care including patient outcome and complications of treatment, with open and regular review.
Members of the team are routinely and regularly involved in audits of their clinical care, continuing medical education and reviews of changing national and international practice. This maintains both the highest standards of clinical medicine and most up-to date methods of management.
We are happy to discuss these issues with patients and GPs directly on request.

Southern Gastro Group: Specialists in Gastroenterology